Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is a service we offer for private charters if you would like to try your hand at it.  There has been a fair number of them in the past few weeks, and they have been successful. Here are some shots of the recent catches on Sea Hawk.


Captain Matt has landed a few big Marlins this year.  This past Friday he added to his tally for a year of Monsters.  Ruckus got two big bites, one got away, the general consensus is it was much larger than the one landed.  You know how fish stories go… But our guest, Garrett, landed a 522 lb Blue Marlin!  

Return for more fish..

Last week we had some local boys come out fishing with us.  They go with us a few times a year.  They had a great day, landing 2 nice yellow fins around 75 lbs each and about 15 aku. One of the fisherman, Greg, joined his friends to fish with us for the first time, he caught one of the tunas.  He told me that he had been on 7 deep sea charters before and on each of them the boat caught nothing.  We are happy to break the streak of no fish for him.

Sea Hawk Success!

Well unfortunately there have not been many trips this week. Sure enough the fishing is good when we do go.  Sea Hawk went out with Captain Darryl on Tuesday and Thursday.img_2393

On a full day on Tuesday they got 13 Mahi.img_2396 img_2400

And today on another full day they got 26!!

I’d say it is a good time to head out there… lets hope the weather permits it over the weekend.

Ruckus – December 6th

Ruckus took out some full day shares yesterday.  They had a GREAT day!! img_23883452Captain Matt managed to help these guys catch a short billed spearfish, 9 mahi, and 5 aku.  The fish are around, its time to go!

December Deals…

The holiday season is upon us.  We are offering 15% OFF the retail value of all shared charters to reserve a spot before the end of December 15th, you can book for any date.  Also, we will honor this for the first 5 private charters booked.  This promotion only applies to charters on our vessels. Just mention this post at the time of booking and save some money to spend during the holidays.  No better way to than to treat your self with a chance to catch some fish. Potentially…. a monster.

Shark Frenzy

I’m inspired by the shared charter on Ruckus yesterday to talk a little about sharks.  The charter were able to catch a few large sharks in a pile of fish yesterday.  This can make for a memorable experience.  This is not something that happens all the time but we do see them.  We also offer a charter targeting shark.  It is a night time, private charter, that goes out in search of these predators.  We use barb less hooks as to prevent injuring these amazing creatures, and after a few photos release them back into the ocean.img_2297Here is a small tiger shark caught on one of our night shark hunts, tiger sharks are rare to catch but awesome to see.

img_2356Here’s a shark that has been living in the harbor snacking of all the fish brought in by the boats.










Fish, fish, and more fish

This fall has been great for fish.  We have seen a good number of Marlin, Mahi, and small tuna. We are looking for the striped marlin to start biting any time. Here are some of the fish landed over the past few weeks.

img_2312Captain Morgan and deckhand Pauly on Sea Hawk

Shane took his family out last week, he was really hoping for an Ahi, no such luck.  They still managed to have a great day on Ruckus. Got a few Mahi and a blue.

Captain Dallas and deckhand Pauly got a couple of Marlin on Sea Hawk last week.

img_2347Captain Danny and deckhand Danny (confusing right) got a Marlin and some tunas for dinner.

More photos of the fall action to come soon.  We will also be announcing a promotion for the holiday season.